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"The characters in Carrington's book are quirky and well crafted. Younger readers will likely find them engaging and enchanting." - The Booklife Prize 

"There is humor, action, intrigue, and adventure to keep young readers captivated by the story till the very end." 
Readers' Favorite



When I was in second grade I did poorly on an assignment (I can’t remember what it was) and as punishment my parents banned me from playing video-games and watching television during the weekdays. Harsh, right? Desperate and starving for entertainment, I awoke something inside my head that hadn’t been there before…an imagination. This crazy portal between my ears that could teleport me anywhere and transform me into anything. Fast-forward to today, and I’ve found I can grasp that awesome creative sensation through writing stories. I enjoy the world-building and sculpting characters for audiences to root for or against. I enjoy writing whatever I can whenever I can and strive to get better at my craft every day.

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